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New Wooden Venetian Range

Great news – we’ve just launched our premium made-to-measure Wood Venetians! The Orchard collection features lightweight yet durable wood Venetian blinds that are great for all types of rooms.

There’s a choice of wood colours for a natural charm, or contemporary hues for a cool, modern look.  Or for something a little more luxurious, we have a range of Osmo wood stains. The Orchard collection also features a choice of steel or aluminium head rails, slat sizes and valances. Tapes can be matched tonally or mixed to create a striking, bespoke look.

To make this new collection even better, all our Wood Venetians are made from trees grown in sustainable forests and our luxury Osmo wood stains are based upon purified and refined natural resources, creating carefully harvested natural oils.

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Blind Safety Standards

Are your blinds up to the current safety standards?

The National Safety Authority Ireland recently announced three new European Standards to protect children from window blind cords.

Loop cords and chains on window blinds pose a strangulation risk for young children and there have been a number of tragic accidents involving children in Ireland in recent years.  This has raised safety concerns about window blinds in homes and places where children visit.  

The 3 new standards that have been published are:

  • ‘Internal blinds – Performance requirements including safety’ – This standard amends the previously existing European standard (EN13120) which was published in 2009. It specifies the requirements that internal blinds should fulfil when they are fitted to a building. The amendment expands the scope to cover many types of blinds, while expanding the clause on ‘protection from strangulation; to address specific hazards posed by cords.
  • Internal blinds – Protection from strangulation hazards – ‘Test methods’ – This is a new standard that specifies test methods which can be used to verify that a window blind conforms to the requirements relating to protection from strangulation.
  • ‘Internal blinds – protection from strangulation hazards – Requirements and Test methods for safety devices’ – This standard specifies the safety requirements for test methods for safety devices that can help to improve the safety of window blinds and prevent accidents. These safety devices can be fitted to window blinds during the manufacturing process or alternatively fitted to window blinds that have already been installed.

Here are some simple steps that can be taken immediately to remove any potential hazards from existing blinds and help to prevent tragic accidents and fatalities in the home:

  • Cords ending in a loop are particularly risky. If possible, cut the cord to get rid of the loop and install tassels;
  • Cords should end at least 1.5 metres above the ground so children cannot reach them. Replace cords with curtain or blind wands;
  • Where cords cannot be cut, a tie-down or tension device should be used to pull the cord tight and secure it to the floor or wall;
  • Never place a child’s cot, bed, playpen or high chair near a window or patio door where a child could reach a curtain or blind cord;
  • Keep sofas, chairs, tables, shelves or bookcases away from windows to prevent children climbing up and reaching curtain or blind cords

For further information please go to the National Consumer Agency on

*All of the blinds supplied by Right Price Blinds are made to European Safety Standards and are always fitted with a child safety device

How to Clean your Roller Blinds

Want to know the best ways to keep your Roller blind looking pristine?

It’s a question we’re often asked at Right Price Blinds so we’ve put together this handy little guide on caring for your Roller Blinds!

How to clean roller blinds

Roller blinds are a really great choice for high usage areas, especially if you choose a wipe clean performance fabric, which is specially designed for these areas – such as kitchens, bathrooms and children’s bedrooms.

No matter how clean your home is, there will always be a certain amount of dust particles that find their way to rest on your blinds, but unlike curtains, you don’t generally have to take your blinds down to clean them – phew!

Even if you don’t have a specialist wipe clean fabric, it is easy to keep your standard Roller blind clean and fresh.

Tips for Cleaning Roller Blinds

  1. Firstly – Clear the area around your window sill and open your blind down fully
  2. Vacuum –  If your vacuum cleaner has a dust attachment start off by using this to remove as much dust and dirt as possible. Vacuum from top to bottom on both sides of the fabric.
  3. Damp clean –Never try to wash fabric blinds because it might cause their dye to run. Instead, after spot testing for colorfastness, use a damp (not wet) microfibre cloth to wipe away heavier dirt.
  4. Stubborn Stain Removal – If you cannot remove a stain with water alone, try using a fabric stain removal product. Simply treat the stained area following the manufacturer instructions. Warning! While this is an effective cleaning method there is a possibility that the treated area of the blind may look lighter than the rest of the blind, depending on the colour/texture of the fabric.
Cleaning Roller Blinds

Once you’ve given your blinds a good clean, make dusting them a part of your weekly cleaning routine and give them a bit of extra attention two or three times a year!

Right Price Blinds are Munster’s top suppliers of Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Roman Blinds, Panel Blinds and Velux Roof Blinds. Our experienced sales people will bring our mobile showrooms to you, so you can pick your blinds in the comfort of your own home. So whether you’re moving into a new house or updating your existing interior design, why not relax and let us take the hassle out of choosing blinds!

We service Cork, Limerick, Waterford, Kerry and Tipperary and are delighted to provide out of hours and weekend appointments for your convenience.

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New Blinds Range Now In!

If there’s anything we love more than our existing range of Right Price Blinds, it’s the introduction of a new range of blinds!

That’s right, we have a brand new range of colours, patterns and blackout material available for made to measure Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Vertical Blinds and Velux Blinds.

Big trends in this collection are varying shades of blues and greens, making it bang on trend with the current draw towards these shades in interior design practice.  The focus right now is on bringing the feel of nature and the outdoors to home interiors with a splash of seasonal greens, earthy browns and deep blues.

Psychologists say the reason these colours works so well in interiors is connected to how we feel being out and about in the fresh air, seeing gardens and the countryside coming alive – what’s not to love, especially in the unpredictable Irish climate!

So if you fancy a fresh new look for your home, there is no more simple way to update your interiors than with some stylish on trend new blinds from our new collection.  Luckily, we not only offer an exceptional service here at Right Price Blinds, we also offer amazing value in our bespoke made-to-measure window blinds.

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Right Price Blinds…changing the world one window at a time

Move over neutrals, it’s all about the colour!

While neutral shades of cream, white and beige have always been a popular choice for clients, we’ve noticed a distinct shift away from the ‘safe’ choices and colour is back with a bang for 2018!

Zesty yellows, citrus greens and burnt oranges are hugely popular this summer and offer a real pop of colour to transform any room.  They especially work well with more neutral wall shades such as grey, cream and mochas.

“We’re definitely noticing people are being a lot more adventurous now with their choices when it comes to colours and patterns” says Colin Higgins of Right Price Blinds, “and it’s not just roller blinds that are getting more colourful, we’re noticing the same trend with our Venetian, Vertical and Roman Blinds range.”

And why not – who said blinds have to be for life?! With the great value available in window blinds today, life is too short to be stuck with boring blinds!

So if whether you’re building, renovating or just in need of a spruce up, for a no obligations quotation, call Right Price Blinds on 087 1606509 or see our website

Colour Trends for 2018

According to the paint brand Dulux, the shade for 2018 is a muted heather-grey.

The company has declared that its colour of the year for 2018 is Heart Wood, which sits somewhere between smoky taupe and dusky mauve.  It’s a warm neutral with a hint of heather and although most people think of neutrals as being black, white, grey, brown and beige, this versatile shade also fits the bill.


Dulux has announced Heart Wood as its Colour of the Year 2018.Trend forecasting

80 colour experts meet together with professionals including social and economic forecasters as well as architects and tech leaders to pin down ‘the mood of the moment’

They consider what is happening in the world and how we behave – like where we go on holiday, what we’re buying, any political or wellbeing influences and their conclusion this year was of ‘instability’

Uncertain times

“We don’t trust the news, we don’t know what’s going to happen next,

we have divisions in our society and it’s affecting how we’re living”

says Marianne Shillingford, Dulux’s creative director.

“So, we are taking comfort in our home, where we can feel safe, secure and nurtured.

We can control how it looks, who comes there and how we interact with the world from it”

Use earthy tones with Heart Wood for a snug living room
Dulux has announced Heart Wood as its Colour of the Year 2018.Welcome Home

Heart Wood links perfectly with many textures and materials and is a useful addition to the existing trend for nude pink, deep indigo and warm metals like copper and brass, but more conventionally, it also works well with off-white or soft beige.



Heart Wood is a useful addition to the existing trend for nude pink, deep indigo and warm metals like copper and brass and more conventionally, it also works well with off-white and soft beige.

The Aquarius fabric collection for Romans, Curtains, Verticals and Rollers offer many shades to give a nod to the Heart Wood trend.

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Velux Blinds & Roof Window Blinds

Here at Right Price Blinds we pride ourselves on supplying a wide range of window blinds giving our customers one of the best choices in styles, colours and value throughout Cork, Kerry, Limerick and Waterford.

This stands true when it comes to our exceptional range of roof window Blinds which include not only a full range of Velux options, but we also supply RoofLITE, FAKRO, Dakstra, Dakea and Okpol roof blinds.

All our blinds come in a wide selection of colours, patterns and sizes designed to perfectly fit your VELUX windows.   The range includes different finishes to suit all needs including a choice of Blackout, Roller, Pleated or Venetian Blinds.

Our range of blackout Velux roof blinds will not only add a stylish finish to your room, they also blackout light 24/7 and help reduce heat gain and loss – the ideal solution for bedrooms.  All of our stand fit roof blinds will also provide a degree of light control and heat protection.

At Right Price Blinds we bring the showroom to you, allowing you to choose your blinds in the comfort of your own home with the expert help of our sales team.  We Design, We Measure, We Install – You Relax!

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Right Price Blinds now supplying Patio Awnings

Are you ready for summer?  We are delighted to announce that Right Price Blinds are now supplying patio awnings!

Our awnings are a solid permanent structure that provides excellent shelter and shade, without blocking out natural light.  This creates the equivalent to an outside room for you to enjoy no matter what the weather – ideal for the unpredictable Irish climate!


We offer a wide variety of awnings in various colours, patterns and finishes, as well as having the option to electrify the mechanism to allow for remote control use.  So if it’s Breton Stripes or a more Hamptons feel you’re looking for, look no further than Right Price Blinds for range, quality and value.

And remember, Awnings aren’t just for summer use, they also can provide ideal year around cover for BBQ and patio areas, carports, storage areas, bins, drying clothes and much more!

For a no obligations quote or to view our range of awnings and materials, please call us today on 087 1606509 and we’ll bring the showroom to you!

Right Price Blinds

Right Price Blinds are based in Cork and are Munster’s leading supplier of Roller Blinds, Cassette Blinds, Timber and Aluminium Venetian Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Velux Blinds, Plantation Shutters, Bespoke Curtains and Patio Awnings.  For more information check out our website.


Cassette Blinds for the Perfect Fit

Without a doubt, here at Right Price Blinds, our Cassette Blinds range are our most popular sellers. And if you have them in your home, you’ll know exactly why.

Cassette Blinds offer all the convenience and versatility of Roller Blinds but with added sleekness, a better fit and better blackout.

Right Price Blinds

Their slimline aluminium profile offers the perfect solution for large expanses of glass – such as conservatories, sunrooms and ceiling to floor windows.  Their encased tracking also means Cassette Blinds are the perfect fit for tilt and turn windows and french doors.

Right Price Blinds supply Cassette Blinds in an array of wood and PVC colours to match any window frame.  In addition, all of our blinds are measured and fitted by our professionally trained fitters, at a time that suits you.

Cassette Blinds are available in a wide variety of fabrics including dim-out, black-out, solar reflective, hessian and day/night (zebra) fabrics.  We also offer an unrivalled selection of colours and fabrics for you to choose from and of our blinds are supplied with a choice of chain and bottom trim colour.

And the best part – we’ll bring the showroom to you, allowing you to choose your perfect fit blinds in the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you.

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Right Price Blinds

Why Choose Blackout Blinds?

Right Price Blinds
If you’re considering purchasing new blinds, or simply sick of being woken up early these bright mornings, you should really consider the benefits of blackout blinds.

In the past, blackout blinds were often considered unfashionable and available only in plain bland colours. Not anymore, here are Right Price Blinds we stock a wide variety of colours and textured material for blackout blinds.

The wide range of colours and styles now available mean that more people are choosing blackout blinds for throughout the house. Blackout blinds have the benefit of not only blocking out light but also protecting against harmful UV rays that can discolour furniture and floors. This makes them ideal for T.V. rooms and conservatories.

We can supply blackout material in roller blinds, cassette blinds, vertical blinds, pleated blinds and Velux blinds, ensuring blackout protection to every window in your home. All our unique rubber-based blackout material is produced in our factory, with over 30 years of blinds making experience.

So whether you’re a shift worker, or a tired parent looking to entice your toddler into post-sunrise wake ups, our blackout blinds are the perfect stylish solution for your home.

Right Price Blinds
For further details on our blackout blinds range contact Right Price Blinds on 087 1606509