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Our Venetian Blinds Range

Our bespoke Venetian blind range now provides a wide selection of colours and textures in a number of different slat widths to suit any window.

Our Venetian Blinds are made of lightweight and hardwearing aluminium that does not compromise on quality, with matching or co-ordinating headrails, bottom rails and cords. All of our blinds are made to measure and manufactured to the highest standard to ensure a sleek and contemporary look in any home!

If that’s not enough to convince you that Right Price Blind’s Venetian range are the right blinds for you, here are some other great reasons!

  • Four different slat widths available, 15mm, 25mm, 35mm and 50mm.
  • Lightweight and hardwearing material
  • Unity metal venetians combine wood with metal
  • Available in tabbed Perfect Fit frames an ideal child safety solution
  • Perfect for humid environments like bathrooms and kitchens.

To find out more about our great range of Venetian and other blinds call Right Price Blinds today on 0871606509 for a no obligations quotation and we’ll bring the showroom to you!

Right Price Blinds also specialise in Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Cassette blinds, Velux Blinds, Roman Blinds and Timber Venetians. Currently servicing Cork, Limerick, Tipperary, Waterford and Kerry!

Move over neutrals, it’s all about the colour!

While neutral shades of cream, white and beige have always been a popular choice for clients, we’ve noticed a distinct shift away from the ‘safe’ choices and colour is back with a bang for 2018!

Zesty yellows, citrus greens and burnt oranges are hugely popular this summer and offer a real pop of colour to transform any room.  They especially work well with more neutral wall shades such as grey, cream and mochas.

“We’re definitely noticing people are being a lot more adventurous now with their choices when it comes to colours and patterns” says Colin Higgins of Right Price Blinds, “and it’s not just roller blinds that are getting more colourful, we’re noticing the same trend with our Venetian, Vertical and Roman Blinds range.”

And why not – who said blinds have to be for life?! With the great value available in window blinds today, life is too short to be stuck with boring blinds!

So if whether you’re building, renovating or just in need of a spruce up, for a no obligations quotation, call Right Price Blinds on 087 1606509 or see our website

Colour Trends for 2018

According to the paint brand Dulux, the shade for 2018 is a muted heather-grey.

The company has declared that its colour of the year for 2018 is Heart Wood, which sits somewhere between smoky taupe and dusky mauve.  It’s a warm neutral with a hint of heather and although most people think of neutrals as being black, white, grey, brown and beige, this versatile shade also fits the bill.


Dulux has announced Heart Wood as its Colour of the Year 2018.Trend forecasting

80 colour experts meet together with professionals including social and economic forecasters as well as architects and tech leaders to pin down ‘the mood of the moment’

They consider what is happening in the world and how we behave – like where we go on holiday, what we’re buying, any political or wellbeing influences and their conclusion this year was of ‘instability’

Uncertain times

“We don’t trust the news, we don’t know what’s going to happen next,

we have divisions in our society and it’s affecting how we’re living”

says Marianne Shillingford, Dulux’s creative director.

“So, we are taking comfort in our home, where we can feel safe, secure and nurtured.

We can control how it looks, who comes there and how we interact with the world from it”

Use earthy tones with Heart Wood for a snug living room
Dulux has announced Heart Wood as its Colour of the Year 2018.Welcome Home

Heart Wood links perfectly with many textures and materials and is a useful addition to the existing trend for nude pink, deep indigo and warm metals like copper and brass, but more conventionally, it also works well with off-white or soft beige.



Heart Wood is a useful addition to the existing trend for nude pink, deep indigo and warm metals like copper and brass and more conventionally, it also works well with off-white and soft beige.

The Aquarius fabric collection for Romans, Curtains, Verticals and Rollers offer many shades to give a nod to the Heart Wood trend.

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Right Price Blinds now supplying Patio Awnings

Are you ready for summer?  We are delighted to announce that Right Price Blinds are now supplying patio awnings!

Our awnings are a solid permanent structure that provides excellent shelter and shade, without blocking out natural light.  This creates the equivalent to an outside room for you to enjoy no matter what the weather – ideal for the unpredictable Irish climate!


We offer a wide variety of awnings in various colours, patterns and finishes, as well as having the option to electrify the mechanism to allow for remote control use.  So if it’s Breton Stripes or a more Hamptons feel you’re looking for, look no further than Right Price Blinds for range, quality and value.

And remember, Awnings aren’t just for summer use, they also can provide ideal year around cover for BBQ and patio areas, carports, storage areas, bins, drying clothes and much more!

For a no obligations quote or to view our range of awnings and materials, please call us today on 087 1606509 and we’ll bring the showroom to you!

Right Price Blinds

Right Price Blinds are based in Cork and are Munster’s leading supplier of Roller Blinds, Cassette Blinds, Timber and Aluminium Venetian Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Velux Blinds, Plantation Shutters, Bespoke Curtains and Patio Awnings.  For more information check out our website.


Roman Blinds are back!

Having momentarily gone out of vogue for a little while, Roman blinds are firmly back in style and swiftly becoming one of our best sellers here in Right Price Blinds!

Roman blinds are fabric window coverings that stack neatly at the top of the window when retracted and are less fussy and more modern than traditional curtains or drapes.  They also provide more of a clean-lined architectural look and work very well in windows where full-length drapes aren’t possible, due to built-ins or lack of space.


The fabric choice is the most important thing when picking Roman blinds, not just because the material will set the colour and pattern of the finished product – and the room to some extent – but it will also affect the blind’s translucency and how easily it will operate and stack when retracted.

Luckily, here at Right Price Blinds we have over 200 different colours, patterns and textures to choose from when picking your Roman blinds.  We can also custom make cushions to match, giving you an all inclusive interiors package.

All of our Roman blinds are made to measure and fitted by our fully qualified fitters and come with the Right Price Blinds quality guarantee.

So, why not sit back and relax and allow us to transform your home with a stylish new look for summer.  Contact Right Price Blinds on 0871606509 or message us on Facebook for a no obligations quotation.

Top Window Dressing Trends for 2016

Looking for a fresh and new style in your home?

Window dressing is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to update your home

Window dressing is one of the most easiest and fastest ways to update your rooms – and won’t break the bank!

This year’s interiors are all about a chic modern look, and what better way to achieve that than with some stylish new blinds.  Here are our top tips to achieve the look:Keep it Simple

Keep it Simple

Less is more when it comes to choosing your window dressing.  Use clean and simple lines to enhance the space available and avoid a cluttered look.  Cassette Blinds and Vertical Panel Blinds are an ideal solution for achieving the simplistic look, while still offering privacy and maximum light.

Vertical Blinds
Vertical Panel Blinds

Use Patterns Wisely

Use texture and tone to create warmth in a room rather than cluttering things up with too many complex patterns. That doesn’t mean you need to avoid bold designs, but try to choose colours that will compliment the window view all year around.  Roller Blinds  are ideal for adding some pattern to a colour scheme.

Pattern Blinds
Pattern Roller Blind

Choose Colours That Compliment

The current trend in tones are jewel colours such as burgundy, bottle green and teal.  These shades help create a natural feel to a space and maintain a crisp contemporary feel.  Check out the wide range of fabric colours available at right price blinds here.

Vertical Blinds
Vertical Burgundy Blinds

Automate Your Blinds

Automatic blinds are huge this year and offer a sleek and convenient finish.  Most of our range can be automated and our unique custom made system offers exceptional value to our clients.  Contact us today for more information on automating your blinds.

Automatic Blinds
Automatic Blinds

Check out our website for more great window dressing ideas or call us on 087 1606509 and we’ll bring the showroom to you!



Handy tips on how to clean your blinds

Over the years, one of the most frequent questions we have been asked here at Right Price Blinds is ‘What’s the best way to clean blinds?’  

We’d love to tell you there’s some magic formula, but unfortunately a little elbow grease is required.  Hopefully, our tips will ease the pain slightly though and help keep your windows looking great!


Roller Blinds

The best way to clean rollers is with a soft brush head on your hoover.  Gently give them a hoover down.  Use a well wrung out cloth or sponge, dipped in a mild detergent, to gently wipe down the fabric and remove any stains.  If blinds are especially grubby, take them down and soak them in a bath with lukewarm water and a mild detergent.  Dry blinds fully before re-rolling.

Venetian Blinds

Gently dust slats with a soft dusting cloth or glove, tilting the slats in alternative directions as you go.  If blinds are especially dirty, use a well rung out microfibre cloth and warm water to wipe down the slats.  Open them out and allow to dry.

Vertical Blinds

Treat in much the same way as roller blinds – gentle hoover and a well wrung out cloth if especially dirty.  Most vertical blinds can also be removed from the track – altogether or individually – and soaked in a bath if heavily stained.  Allow to fully dry before closing.

Roman Binds

Roman blinds can also be gently dusted using a hoover on a very low speed, or a hand held vacuum.  Small stains can be tackled using a well wrung out cloth or sponge, using a mild detergent and lukewarm water.  If the blinds are very dirty, dry cleaning might be the best option.

Give your blinds a good clean two to three times a year to keep them looking fresh.  

Hope these tips help!